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"Hey, now what’s wrong with Jensen? And I’m ready now."


"It’s just such a… Pretty boy name.”

"And c’mon then. You gotta let me know what’s going on now."


"Five minutes and a vial of blood."


"That’s all I need."

"Five minutes and a vial of one of the most radioactive substances known to man, in the hands of a modern day mad scientist,"

What could go wrong?”

"Whatever it is-"


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Does your muse ever just tug at you and point at another character and say “I WANT THAT ONE.” 


"I always call him Steven, or occasionally Captain." Loki explained as if it was obvious, though then again he didn’t expect her to know. "Unless I’m upset with him, that’s the only time I’ll call him Steve."


"I fail to see how splashing an intruder can count as fighting." He splashed her again, though not as hard as he could have for obvious reasons.

"I just call him Spangles," Jen said, swirling her fingers in the water between the two of them. "Or I just look angry at him when I want him to go away, that usually works."

Jen splashed him again by slapping her hand on the water, causing a lot of it to rocket over the edge of the tub loudly. “I’m not an intruder, you are. You’ve got your own bathroom!”