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Betty looks up from her towel on the roof top. "Excuse you, it’s far too hot for a shirt."

"Excuse you, no one needs to see me without a shirt."


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Crime: Drive-by (Even though we both already know the answer)
A reply from shulkie-walters

"No. Never."


I think some wires got crossed along the way. I meant as in victim, since I’m pretty sure it was a drive-by that lead to Jennifer needing that blood transfusion in the first place.

"That was sarcasm, son."


                 When a monster stops behaving like one,
                         is it still a monster? Does it turn
                                        into something  e l s e ?

If I dont reply or I take ages to

  • It’s drafted
  • My mood doesn’t fit
  • I’m trying to equal your perfection
  • I’m braindead
  • I lost the reply
  • I’m easily distracted by something else
  • All/some of the above


                                      Do not
                                                 I can UNLEASH

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